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 Guardianship and Conservatorship Abuse
Victims and Their Stories
(click each picture )

"There is no crueler tyranny than that which is exercised under cover of law,  and with the colors of justice ..."   - U.S. v. Jannotti, 673 F.2d 578, 614 (3d Cir. 1982)

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Nancy Golin - CA


Freida Eversole - AL


Betty Mueller - MO



 Maydelle Trambarulo - CT


John Donovan - CA/NV


 Grace Connors - PA








Helen Fabis - WI


Timothy Golden - IL


Silvia Klaiber - CA










 Dorothy Driesen - IA


Estela Torrent - FL   








Mary Fisher - IN


Stephanie Hordijuk - NY


Michael Rowe - MI




Gary Harvey - NY


Esta Varon - NY


JP and Doris Manire - TX




Anne N. McKenna - NY


Ester Johnson - MA


Helen Ferarri - CA




Anna V. LaBounty - IL


Grandma - AZ


Dad - AZ



Thomas Fitzgerald - CA

  Murray Feingold- NY  

Irving Lincoln Fields - OH

Bill Waddell - IL  

Mollie Florkey - OH

  Stevie Price - CA
Maurice Acree - TN   Rita Denmark - PA/FL   Helen Mogus - MA
Dorothy Wilson - NY   Mary Sudovar - NJ   Travis Keith
and Garrett Kirk Dosch
- NV
Erna Boldt - OR   Clarice Sunderland - MN   Kewel Chopra - NJ
John Figg-Hoblyn - CA   Rena Moss - IL   Kingsley Hubby - CT
Robert Sanders - MO   Marcy E. Dudeck - NV/CA   Carol Hahn - CA
Olivia Jeffries - WA State   Marcelle Halpern - NY   Dolores Bedin - IL
Al Katz - IN / FL   Ginger Franklin - TN   Mary Sykes - IL
Patricia Rosen - CA   Retta Rickow- FL   Helen Henson, Sr.
Daniel Gross - CT/NY   Doris Mason - AZ   Lupe Olvera - NV/CA
Helen Carey - MD   Robert Kilgore Jr. - MI   Jenny Horace - WA DC
Gertrude Helfta - AZ   Luke Forrest Humphrey - TX   Carmen Tozzo Hernandez -FL
Joan MacKay -  CA   William Berchau - FL   Gertrude Gettinger - CA
Danny Tate - TN   Jim Heath - TX   Debbie Woodward - FL
Ryan Victor Demoranville - VA   Mary Lou and John Shaw - NM/TX   Danielle Rene Murphy - OH
Benjamin Alfano - OR   Netta and Clifford Paulson - MD   Carol Reeves-Semmler - NY
Willie Jo Mills - TX   Walter Schmeltzer - OH   Marilyn E. Miller - FL
Margarita Zelada - CA   Richard Maass - NY   Jacqueline Scott - FL
Harvey  Whitten  - PA   Marie Lubowski Winkelman - FL   Ernestine Franks - FL
Alice Gore - IL   Harold Greer - IL   Joan M. Holland - MA
Mary Jane Mann - CA   Norman Hughes - TN   Margaret Baker Cook - TX
Margo Frebairn - MO   Susie  George - WV   Ruby Peterson - TX
Judge Claflin Garst - FL   Evelyn Nibity - NE   Elinor Frerichs - CA
Jim (Jimmy) Davis- IA   "Meemo" - TN   Dolores Zerda  Bishop - CA
Silvia Tessadri - CO   Patricia Smith - FL   Del Mencarelli - NV
Marilyn Hancock - CA   Thomas Heckler - FL   Louise Zahn - WI
Alan Smith - FL   Yolanda "Linda" Hutton - Sydney, Australia   Dr. Dale Howard Kewitz - FL
Paula Kryszpel  -  MD       Margaret Brown - NV


Guardianship Abuse / Conservatorship Abuse  / Financial Exploitation of the Elderly  
by court-appointed fiduciaries
Elder Abuse!


(c) 2006 - NASGA

Please note:  Not all judges are bad, nor all attorneys, nor all guardians.  NASGA does  not paint these professionals with a wide brush.  We applaud the good guys - those who take pride in their profession and those who vigorously and zealously defend the rights and wishes of guardianship and conservatorship wards and their families who are in unlawful or abusive situations.   And we know and appreciate that there are plenty of good guys out there!   We have personally heard from many of them and hope to hear from many more! 

Nor is NASGA  anti guardianship; guardianship is a necessary law. 
Certainly most guardianship works.  But, when it doesn't, it is harmful and tragic, even devastating. Our mission is to reform, not abolish.

We are not lawyers, and we do not give legal advice nor do we give lawyer recommendations; instead, we work to fix the broken system.

NASGA Victim profiles are written and submitted by individual victims. NASGA has no knowledge or responsibility as to the accuracy or validity of their statements.  Use of any such story or information contained therein in any manner is not authorized without prior written consent from NASGA or the individual author.

This site contains links to web sites controlled or offered by third - parties (non-affiliates of NASGA).

NASGA hereby disclaims liability for any information, material, products, services, or any other, posted or offered at any of the third party sites. By creating a link to a third party site, NASGA does not endorse or recommend any products or services offered. NASGA further disclaims liability for the content, security, validity or accuracy contained in said third party sites.








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